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Plage Titre Durée
1 Let's Shake Hands (Live)02:02
2 When I Hear My Name (Live)01:51
3 Jolene (Live)03:30
4 Lord, Send Me An Angel (Live)03:37
5 You're Pretty Good Looking (Live)01:44
6 Hello Operator (Live)02:19
7 Death Letter (Live)04:24
8 Astro - I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield - Jack The Ripper (Live)03:35
9 Cannon - John The Revelator (Live)02:42
10 Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground (Live)02:52
11 Apple Blossom (Live)02:10
12 I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (Live)02:53
13 Screwdriver (Live)03:14
14 Let's Shake Hands (Live)01:58
15 When I Hear My Name (Live)01:54
16 You're Pretty Good Looking (Live)01:48
17 Hello Operator (Live)02:28
18 Jolene (Live)03:18
19 Apple Blossom (Live)02:19
20 Stop Breaking Down (Live)04:05
21 Death Letter (Live)04:29
22 Wasting My Time (Live)02:20
23 Broken Bricks (Live)01:15
24 Cannon (Live)02:27
25 Your Southern Can Is Mine (Live)02:10
26 Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground (Live)02:54
27 I'm Bored (Live)02:27
28 Screwdriver (Live)03:08


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