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For the love of art and the making

Beyond Twilight (2006)

Album Studio

43 titres - 00:37:52
Label : Massacre Records - MAS CD 0508

Liste des titres

1 In The Eyes Of My Soul (First Movement)00:49
2 Creep Evil00:59
3 Sleeping Beauty - The Journey01:30
4 Purity01:48
5 Sleeping Beauty - Connected01:28
6 Tongue Angel01:22
7 I Moved01:27
8 Blackened In My Eyes02:14
9 Temptations00:19
10 Fiery Woman00:38
11 Sweet Irony00:22
12 Conversation Of The Dead00:16
13 The Perfect Heart00:59
14 The Perfect Heart Part II - Think00:36
15 The Key - Imagine00:09
16 The Perfect Heart Part III (Modulated Instrumental)00:28
17 The Black Widow00:27
18 The Key Part II - Naked Truth00:10
19 The Kiss Of The Wind00:18
20 Dark Wild Rage02:41
21 Temptations Part II - Return (Modulated)00:12
22 I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings01:18
23 Cold As Blue00:32
24 The Awakening00:22
25 Cold As Blue - Like A Candle You Start To Drip00:23
26 Bilingues Cavendi - One Should Beware Of The Double-Tongued00:09
27 The Awakening Part II - The Smile00:19
28 The Awakening Part III - Opening The Curtains To A Beautiful Sunny Morning Watching The Singing Birds00:20
29 In The Eyes Of My Soul (First Movement Modulated With Irony)00:20
30 Past The Magic01:13
31 Past The Magic Part II (Rhythmic Laughter)01:13
32 Nightwandering On Needles00:20
33 In The Eyes Of My Soul (Second Movement Modulated With Irony)00:19
34 In The Eyes Of My Soul (Second Movement)01:03
35 6 Seconds Past 601:20
36 Organ Scientistic Formula (1)03:00
37 Nightwandering On Needles Part II - The Answer00:24
38 6 Black Roses - Ship Of Rowing Slaves01:05
39 Autumn Fog Message01:34
40 Sleeping Beauty Returns - The Black Box Of Reverse (Forward)00:22
41 The Black Box Of Reverse01:10
42 In The Eyes Of My Soul (Third Movement)00:33
43 In The Eyes Of My Soul - For The Love Of Art And The Making (Finale)01:21



Finn Zierler


Finn Zierler
Anders Devillian Lindgren
Jacob Hansen

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Hansen Studio - Ribe - Danemark
Jailhouse Studios - Horsens - Danemark
Zierler's Dungeon - Danemark


Michael Eriksen
Tomas Freden
Jacob Hansen
Truls Haugen
Bjorn Jansson
Anders Exo Kragh
Anders Devillian Lindgren
Torben Vistisen
Finn Zierler