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Destroyer - 45th anniversary super deluxe edition


Coffret - 2021
Label : UMe - B0033873-00
61 titres - 03:36:02
4 CDs + Blu-ray





1 Detroit Rock City05:20
2 King Of The Night Time World03:13
3 God Of Thunder04:15
4 Great Expectations04:21
5 Flaming Youth02:55
6 Sweet Pain03:20
7 Shout It Out Loud02:50
8 Beth02:47
9 Do You Love Me ?03:34
10 Rock And Roll Party01:25
11 Doncha Hesitate (Paul Stanley Demo)02:41
12 God Of Thunder And Rock And Roll (Paul Stanley Demo)02:56
13 It's The Fire (Paul Stanley Demo)03:42
14 Detroit Rock City (Paul Stanley Demo)02:20
15 Love Is Alright (Paul Stanley Demo)03:22
16 Bad, Bad Lovin' (Gene Simmons Demo)03:36
17 Man Of A Thousand Faces (Gene Simmons Demo)03:43
18 I Don't Want No Romance (Gene Simmons Demo)02:43
19 Burning Up With Fever (Gene Simmons Demo)03:59
20 Rock N' Rolls Royce (Gene Simmons Demo)03:02
21 Mad Dog (Gene Simmons Demo)02:32
22 Night Boy (Gene Simmons Demo)02:35
23 Star (Gene Simmons Demo)02:54
24 Howlin' For Your Love (Gene Simmons Demo)02:50
25 True Confessions (Gene Simmons Demo)03:31
26 Beth (Acoustic Mix)02:48
27 Shout It Out Loud (Single Edit)02:39
28 Flaming Youth (Single Edit)02:41
29 Detroit Rock City (Single Edit)02:58
30 Shout It Out Loud (Mono Single Edit)02:39
31 Flaming Youth (Mono Single Edit)02:42
32 Detroit Rock City (Mono Single Edit)02:58
33 Beth (Mono)02:46
34 King Of The Night Time World (Live Rehearsal Instrumental)04:01
35 Do You Love Me ? (Mono Instrumental)03:35
36 God Of Thunder (Early Instrumental Mix)04:07
37 Ain't None Of Your Business (Instrumental)03:31
38 Detroit Rock City (Instrumental)03:52
39 King Of The Night Time World (Alternate Mix)03:34
40 Great Expectations (Early Version)04:26
41 Flaming Youth (Early Version)03:10
42 Do You Love Me ? (Early Version)03:08
43 Shout It Out Loud (Alternate Mix)03:16
44 Ain't None Of Your Business03:59
45 Beth (Take 6 - Instrumental)02:45
46 Beth (Instrumental)02:13
47 Do You Love Me ? (Alternate Mix)03:37
48 Detroit Rock City (Car Intro)01:13
49 Detroit Rock City (Car Crash)00:18
50 Deuce (Live)04:49
51 Strutter (Live)03:21
52 Flaming Youth (Live)03:51
53 Hotter Than Hell (Live)03:22
54 Firehouse (Live)03:49
55 She / Ace Frehley Guitar Solo (Live)07:39
56 Nothin' To Lose (Live)03:37
57 Shout It Out Loud / Gene Simmons Bass Solo (Live)04:01
58 100,000 Years / Peter Criss Drum Solo (Live)10:37
59 Black Diamond (Live)07:17
60 Detroit Rock City (Live)05:58
61 Rock And Roll All Nite (Live)04:05
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