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Plage Titre Durée
1 Procession (Live)01:19
2 Now I'm Here (Live)05:25
3 Stone Cold Crazy (Live)02:32
4 Another One Bites The Dust (Live)03:22
5 Fat Bottomed Girls (Live)06:40
6 In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited (Live)03:39
7 Seven Seas Of Rhye... (Live)01:21
8 Killer Queen (Live)03:23
9 I Want It All (Live)06:43
10 Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together) (Live)02:48
11 Love Of My Life (Live)03:40
12 These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Live)04:39
13 Under Pressure (Live)04:42
14 I Was Born To Love You (Live)04:06
15 Radio Ga Ga (Live)04:45
16 Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Live)04:48
17 Bohemian Rhapsody (Live)05:56
18 We Will Rock You (Live)02:52
19 We Are The Champions (Live)05:09
20 God Save The Queen (Live)01:24


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