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Plage Titre Durée
1 One Vision (Live)04:03
2 Tie Your Mother Down (Live)02:29
3 The Show Must Go On (Live)04:37
4 Fat Bottomed Girls (Live)05:00
5 Another One Bites The Dust (Live)03:35
6 Hammer To Fall (Live)03:42
7 I Want It All (Live)04:10
8 I Want To Break Free (Live)03:55
9 Seagull (Live)04:50
10 Love Of My Life (Live)05:45
11 '39 (Live)04:36
12 Drum Solo (Live)05:00
13 I'm In Love With My Car (Live)03:21
14 Say It's Not True (Live)04:52
15 Shooting Star (Live)06:21
16 Bad Company (Live)05:36
17 Guitar Solo (Live)03:16
18 Bijou (Live)02:49
19 Last Horizon (Live)04:32
20 Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Live)04:04
21 C-lebrity (Live)03:52
22 Feel Like Making Love (Live)06:45
23 Bohemian Rhapsody (Live)05:53
24 Cosmos Rockin' (Live)04:28
25 All Right Now (Live)05:31
26 We Will Rock You (Live)02:19
27 We Are The Champions (Live)02:59
28 God Save The Queen (Live)02:05


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